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Corruption counteraction

Leningrad region actively develops corruption counteraction. The fight against corruption in the region is regulated by the National Strategy of Corruption Counteraction.  

The National Strategy of Corruption Counteraction is a constantly improving system of organizational, economic, legal, information measures, which takes into consideration federal structure of the Russian Federation, covers federal, regional and municipal levels, is aimed at elimination of root causes of corruption in society and is being constantly implemented by federal authorities, other public authorities, public authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation, local governments, civil society institutions, organizations and individuals.

Commission on Prevention and Counteraction of Corruption in Leningrad Region was established in the region in order to implement measures aimed at fight against corruption.

Special phone line “No corruption!”

Hotline: +7 (812) 710-78-18

Official website: www.comission.lenobl.ru/hotline/phone