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Territory of priority socio-economic development

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation approved an application of the Administration of Leningrad Region according to which Pikalevo monotown has received the status of the territory of priority socio-economic development.

Due to this status investors investing in development of Pikalevo will be able to receive additional financial benefits. They include zero rate for corporate income tax going to the federal budget, for 5 year period. Insurance contributions to state non-budgetary funds are also reduced.

According to the development concept, by 2030 Pikalevo will get rid of “mono dependence” increasing the share of population in small and medium-sized business up to 60%. Besides, 1,800 highly efficient new jobs will be created, 87 billion rubles will be attracted to the economy of the town. There are several residents which have already confirmed their plans to invest within the frameworks of the territory of priority socio-economic development, such as Solnechny Sad, BTK-Group, etc.

“We are actively negotiating with other large companies. I am sure that the status of the territory of priority socio-economic development to Pikalevo will stimulate many investors to start developing business here,” commented the Governor of the region Alexander Drozdenko.

With the help of the federal centre several new enterprises have been created in Pikalevo over last 5 years. They include greenhouse enterprise Krugly God, gas equipment factory Nord Company. Today a cluster of light industry is being developed , in 2017 an industrial park with sewing companies will be launched.   

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