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Strategy 2030

Implementation plan of Strategy 2030 approved

The Government of Leningrad Region approved the implementation plan of Socio-Economic Development Strategy of Leningrad Region up to 2030.

“We’ve adopted a modern document aimed at maximal de-bureaucratization of our work. It is integrated in government programmes and will allow seeing clear results – both achievements and omissions,” said the Governor Alexander Drozdenko during a meeting of the Government of Leningrad Region in Kingisepp.

The implementation plan is a set of strategic maps based on balanced system of indices. Each strategic map includes both final aims and operating results which have to be achieved so that citizens and business could feel change for better. The plan includes strategic maps on project initiatives: “industrial leadership”, “food security”, “modern transport complex”, “professional education”, “health of population”, “comfortable settlements”, “small business”, “tourism”, “environmental security and waste treatment”.

The selected approach to the creation of an action plan will allow executive authorities to make transition to results management and small document volume will make it comfortable in using. Besides, the plan makes strong connection between Strategy 2030 and government programmes of Leningrad region which will be updated by the end of 2017.