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Tuesday, 07 August 2018 17:12

Power supply with warranty

A modern substation was put into operation in Vyborgsky District of the Leningrad Region. Head of the region Alexander Drozdenko took part in the topping-out ceremony of the power asset.

The project was approved by the regional interdepartmental commission for the location of production forces in 2014, Cryogas CJSC started realizing its investment intentions in 2015.
And after 69 days, gas will be supplied to the site of the company, in December 2018 LNG will be fully placed into service and more than 100 residents of the Vyborgsky District of the Leningrad Region will be employed.
The new electric grid project will provide with energy the "Production and transhipment terminal of liquefied natural gas in the port Vysotsk", as well as residents of the city.

"The Government of the Leningrad Region sets the mission for large investment projects implemented in the region to bring not only tax revenues to the regional budget, but also have a positive impact on the lives of Leningrad region residents. The Cryogas plant will supply liquefied gas to the countries of Northern and Central Europe and to the settlements of the Vyborg District, where it is technically difficult to conduct gas pipelines. This is an example of socially-oriented investments, "said Alexander Drozdenko.
The substation of 110/10 kV "Kriogaz" was built by today's standards by LOESK company in the limited time. It is engineered for autonomous work without the participation of operating personnel. It is equipped with CCTV monitoring, security alarm system and fire extinguishing system. 25 MVA capacity was allocated for the LNG plant. Consumers of the city Vysotsk (about 1 thousand inhabitants) will be fed from PS "Cryogas". The first stage of the LNG plant "Cryogas", which will produce more than 660 thousand tons of LNG a year, is planned to be put into operation in the first quarter of 2019.



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