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Strategy of Leningrad region

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Human resources and labour potential

Leningrad region is the second largest labour market of Northwest Russia.

In August 2017 the population of Leningrad region came to 1.8 million people, labour force – about 1 million people.

According to the Socio-Economic Development Strategy of Leningrad Region up to 2030 it is planned to increase the amount of new jobs in the region by 13%. According ot the forecasts,  by the end of this period average annual population of the region will increase by 3% in comparison with 2015 and will come to 1833.1 thousand people. 

Population of Leningrad region, thousand people

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Factors of labour market development in Leningrad region:

  • stable socio-economic situation in the region;
  • high demand in workforce both inside the region and in adjacent Saint Petersburg.

Labour market of Leningrad region is characterized by availability of highly skilled workforce formed on the basis of Soviet enterprises of traditional industries.

Placement of enterprises in Leningrad region provides access to labour market of Saint Petersburg. Commuting is the main trend of labour market of Leningrad region and Saint Petersburg, because in fact the region and the city form a united labour market. Everyday commuting from Leningrad region to Saint Petersburg is about 200 thousand people, from Saint Petersburg to the region – about 50 thousand people.

Structure of employment


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Optimal salary costs

According to the data as of July 2017, average monthly salary in Leningrad region was 38,863 rubles which is 1.3% less than average salary in Russia and much lower than salary in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. 

Salary in comparison with other regions in Russia

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Salary in Leningrad region in different branches, rubles (July 2017)

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