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Gatchinsky municipal district


Gatchinsky municipal district is located in the basins of the Oredezh River and the Izhora River. The territory of the district is bordered by Luzhsky, Volosovsky, Tosnensky, Lomonosovsky municipal districts of Leningrad region. The district borders the territory of Saint Petersburg in the north, it is situated in the suburban area of the city, 44 km away from it in a southward direction. There is a small territorial enclave of Saint Petersburg (Khvoyniy village) in the territory of urban settlement Taitskoe.

Distance to Saint Petersburg: 44 km

Administrative centre: Gatchina

Area: 2,892 km2

Population: 244,252 people (urban population – 60.6%, rural population – 39.4%)

Infrastructure: all main southern direction highways pass the district or they are situated in close proximity to it: federal motorways M-20 Saint Petersburg – Pskov – Pustoshka – Nevel and Narva, Moscowskoe highway, motorway A-120, practically the second semi-ring of a bypass around Saint Petersburg which is very promising because it allows transport to enter federal motorways as well as ports under construction in Ust-Luga. The district has an extensive network of asphalt roads, a developed railway connection with Vitebsk, Pskov and Tallinn directions. Pulkovo International Airport is situated near the district boundaries.

Economy: manufacturing enterprises occupy the leading position in the structure of economy of the district. Their share in the total volume of produced goods, performed works (services) came to 72.4% in 2017. The manufacturing enterprises produce a wide range of industrial goods and consumer goods. The volume of produced goods, performed works and services by manufacturing production plants amounted to 45,636 million rubles in 2017 (97.6% in comparison with 2016). Over the first half of 2018 this index came to 34,149 million rubles, growth to the similar period of 2017 is 112.2%. 

Large enterprises:

  • Galactika, LLC – manufacture of food products: manufacture of dairy products
  • Gatchinsky Bread-Baking Complex, OJSC – manufacture of food products: manufacture of bread, baking products, confectionery
  • Gatchinsky Feed Mill, CJSC – manufacture of food products: manufacture of fodder
  • Bodegas Valdepablo Neva, CJSC – manufacture of food products: manufacture of wine, other fermented beverages
  • 218 Aircraft Repair Plant, OJSC – production of vehicles and transport equipment
  • Burevestnik Factory, OJSC – production of machines and equipment
  • CRISO, OJSC – production of machines and equipment
  • Knauf Petroboard, CJSC – pulp and paper industry
  • Smurfit Kappa SPb, CJSC – pulp and paper industry
  • Ilim Gofra, CJSC – pulp and paper industry
  • Kommunar Paper Mill, OJSC – pulp and paper industry
  • Sidak-SP, LLC – production of furniture fronts
  • Uzor, OJSC – textile industry
  • AgroBalt Trade, LLC – manufacture of food products: manufacture of premium class prestarter feed and protein vitamin mineral concentrates
  • Schneider Electric Zavod ElectroMonoblock, LLC – production of electrical equipment, electronic and optical equipment
  • Orion-Spetssplav-Gatchina, LLC – metallurgy and metal goods manufacturing
  • Siversky Metal Goods Plant, LLC – metallurgy and metal goods manufacturing 

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Investment passport of the district (RU) 

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