Business Ombudsman of Leningrad Region

Leningrad region is one of the best places in the country for doing business. Favourable geographic location together with high scientific, technical and technological potential, developed market infrastructure, professionalism and personnel qualification make it possible to organize production of any type of industry. .
    The institution of the Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights Protection in Leningrad Region should provide business security and establish efficient feedback between the authorities and business. General well-being of business consists of the sense of confidence and success of each entrepreneur. My task is to provide entrepreneurship with this confidence and sense of security. 

Elena Alexandrovna Ruleva – Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights Protection in Leningrad Region.

Who can contact the Commissioner:

  • a business entity registered in an institution which provides registration in the territory of Leningrad region;
  • a business entity if its rights and legitimate interests were violated in the territory of Leningrad region.

What issues can be addressed to the Commissioner:

concerning actions (omissions) of:

  • the public authorities of Leningrad region;
  • territorial bodies of federal executive bodies of Leningrad region;
  • local authorities;
  • other bodies, organizations with some state and other public powers provided to them by federal laws;
  • officials violating rights and legitimate interests of business entities.

with suggestions concerning:

  • improvement of legal acts regulating business activity;
  • organization of work of public authorities and local authorities concerning removal of obstacles for legal business activities.

Besides, if you are being inspected within a framework of government control (supervision) or municipal control you can apply to the Commissioner for Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights in Leningrad Region in written form suggesting the Commissioner to participate in the inspection.

The Commissioner does not consider complaints:

  • which are the results of property disputes of business entities;
  • which have already been considered by the Commissioner and concerning which a reply has been sent to an applicant;
  • prepared by applicants if their interests were violated not in the territory of Leningrad region provided that an applicant is not registered as a business entity in Leningrad region.

Apparatus of the Commissioner for Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights in Leningrad Region
Address: office 3-168, 3 Smolnogo street, Saint Petersburg, 191311
Phone: +7 (812) 579-07-95, +7 (812) 579-07-87
Official page: