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Agro-industrial complex of Leningrad region

Agro-industrial complex of Leningrad region

Leningrad region is the largest agro-industrial region in Northwest Russia. 

Agro-industrial complex of Leningrad region is one of the most dynamically developing sectors of regional economy and it not only increases its volume of production, but also expands production line, strengthens positions of enterprises at interregional food markets.  

In Russia:

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Production of basic agricultural products:

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In current economic conditions agro-industrial complex of the region maintains positive dynamics concerning most indices and leading positions in many areas of activities. The volume of gross agricultural output at the end of 2015 came to 99 billion rubles.   

Leningrad region provides more than 40% of gross agricultural output of the Northwestern Federal District and about 2% – of the Russian Federation. 

The share of gross agricultural product in gross regional product of Leningrad region is 7.7%. 

Gross agricultural product of Leningrad region, billion rubles:

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Structure of agriculture of Leningrad region: 

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Agro-industrial complex of Leningrad region includes 528 large and middle-sized enterprises manufacturing more than 70% of all regional production. Also about 1,000 farms, more than 104 thousand personal household plots, 3,500 horticultural non-profit associations and 8 agricultural consumer cooperatives operate in Leningrad region. 39,000 people work in agro-industrial complex of the region.

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Average monthly salary of one employee, rubles:

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In 2015 Leningrad region produced 40% of gross agricultural output of the Northwestern Federal District, thus the region remains the main food manufacturer of the Northwestern Federal District. Besides, Leningrad region produces 1.9% of total volume of agricultural products in Russia. Over the year production of milk, meat, potato and grain has increased. Specialization of agriculture in Leningrad region – animal husbandry, its share in gross output is 69.5%. The main branch of agriculture is dairy farming; production of eggs and poultry meat remain at leading positions.

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