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Main directions of agricultural development in the region

Main directions of agricultural development in the region

State support for agriculture in Leningrad region

The main aims of implementation of state agricultural policy in Leningrad region are:

  • increase of contribution of the agro-industrial complex of Leningrad region to solution of the problem of food security of the Russian Federation;
  • improvement of competitiveness of products manufactured in the agro-industrial complex and fishing industry of Leningrad region;
  • strengthening positions of agricultural organizations of Leningrad region at interregional food markets taking into consideration conditions of accession of the Russian Federation to the WTO;
  • improvement of sustainability of rural areas.

Due to accession of Russia to the WTO (22 August 2012) the role of government regulation in agro-industrial complex has increased. Today not only budget (and increase in budget expenditures) can be used to deal with this problem, but also Government program "Development of agriculture in Leningrad region" approved by the decree of the Government of Leningrad region №463 of 29 December 2012. Funds from federal, regional, municipal budgets and extrabudgetary resources are allocated in order to implement this program.      

In 2015 the volume of government support from the budgets of all levels came to 7.3 billion rubles, including 2.697 billion rubles from federal budget, 4.342 billion rubles from regional budget, 257.9 million rubles from local budgets.

In 2008-2012 total volume of support to the agro-industrial complex of Leningrad region came to 19.3 billion rubles, and in 2013-2014 support came to 13.9 billion rubles. 

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Among measures of government support to the agro-industrial complex of Leningrad region the most important are the following:

  • Stable development of rural areas in Leningrad region: in 2014-2015 volume of financing of this program came to 4.4 billion rubles, including: federal budget – 0.6 billion rubles; consolidated budget (regional and local) – 3.4 billion rubles, extrabudgetary resources (citizens' funds, investors) – 0.4 billion rubles. 
  • Support for acquisition of agricultural machinery. Total volume of subsidies came to 1.9 billion rubles, including 1.2 billion rubles from federal budget, 0.7 billion rubles from consolidated budget (regional and local).     

In 2015 subsidies for acquisition of agricultural machinery and equipment for agricultural production were given to 110 agricultural commodity producers, including 27 peasant farm enterprises.

In 2014 government support was provided to:

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Investment in the agro-industrial complex of the region  

Since the beginning of the implementation of a priority national project "Development of Agro-Industrial Complex" and a government program for agricultural development the industry has received investments which created favourable conditions for increase of agricultural production in the region. The growth of production in the agro-industrial complex of Leningrad region is obtained by means of intensive technologies and modernization of production processes.   

Since 2012 total volume of investments in the agro-industrial complex of Leningrad region exceeded 20 billion rubles. 

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Promising investment projects of the regional agro-industrial complex:


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