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Regional subsidies for industry

Subsidies are granted according to the subprogramme Development of Industry and Innovations in Leningrad Region of the government program of Leningrad region Stimulation of Economic Activity of Leningrad Region.
Subsidies are granted provided that a subsidy recipient and the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity of Leningrad Region conclude an agreement on provision of a subsidy.

Main conditions for granting subsidies

  • there should be no bankruptcy proceedings, reorganization, liquidation, suspension of activity there should be no salary arrears

  • there should be no tax arrears and arrears on return of payments to the budget

  • wage of employees of an enterprise should not be less than it is determined in the regional agreement on minimum wage in Leningrad region (10,850 rubles since 1 January 2017)

  • a subsidy recipient should not be a foreign legal entity and participation of legal entities registered in a state not providing information about financial operations in the recipient’s authorized capital should not exceed 50%

  • timely provision of documents for subsidies

Basic documents for granting subsidies

  • an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities; additionally an extract from the register of shareholders is provided (for public joint-stock companies and joint-stock companies)

  • a certificate of absence of the reorganization, liquidation proceedings, absence of arbitration award on recognition of bankruptcy and opening of bankruptcy proceedings

  • a certificate of non-reinstatement of activities of a legal entity given by the territorial department of bailiffs of the Federal Bailiffs Service in Leningrad Region

  • a certificate of absence of overdue debts on return of subsidies, budget investments and other overdue debts to the appropriate budget of the Russian Federation

  • a certificate given by a territorial tax authority of Leningrad region and certificates given by state extra-budgetary funds of the Russian Federation on absence of overdue debts on payment of taxes, fees, insurance fees and other compulsory payments to the budgets of the Russian Federation

  • a certificate of average monthly salary of employees
  • a certificate of absence of salary arrears
  • a certificate which includes bank details and bank account to transfer a subsidy

subsidies for reimbursement of expenses to automotive industry companies of leningrad region 

SUBSIDIES to automotive industry companies of leningrad region for reimbursement of expenses on testing materials, produced components and (or) technological equipment 

SUBSIDIES TO legal entities owned by non-governmental organizations of people with disabilities and operating in leningrad region for acquisition of production equipment and (or) technological equipment 

SUBSIDIES TO LEGAL ENTITIES OPERATING IN LENINGRAD REGION FOR partial reimbursement of interest rate for loans attracted by textile and sewing enterprises, leather manufacturers, leather products enterprises, shoe production enterprises 

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