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Strategy of Leningrad region

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Main directions of industrial development

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Main directions of industrial development


Leningrad region is one of the leaders in terms of economic development in the Northwestern Federal District. 

In 2016 gross regional product (GRP) came to (as estimated) about 907.7 billion rubles. Over the last 5 years GRP volume of the region has increased by almost 1.5 times. Industry is the main branch of economy of Leningrad region, its share in GRP is 35.6%.

The main branches of industry: mechanical engineering, automotive industry, shipbuilding, chemical production, petrochemistry, agriculture, woodworking, pulp and paper industry, aluminum industry, construction materials industry. Industry of Leningrad region consists of about 600 large and medium-sized enterprises, some of them are among the leading organizations in Russia, and over 2,000 small enterprises.

Development of industry in the region is based on the following factors: 

  • Qualified personnel

The united labour market of Leningrad region and Saint Petersburg allows attracting qualified specialists with vocational education and required professional experience to production enterprises in the region. Over the last 5 years there is a steady growth in salary and the level of registered unemployment is one of the lowest in Russia. 

  • Advantageous location

Leningrad region is an important transport and logistics hub not only in Russia, but also in the world. The volume of cargo turnover in four ports of the region is about 25% of total maritime cargo turnover in Russia, main transport corridors of the North-West pass through the region.

  • Favourable business conditions

Leningrad region pays much attention to business development, sequentially implementing the idea of establishing clear and transparent work rules, establishing comfortable environment for investment activity in the territory of the region.

Front office for investment projects support on the “one-stop-shop” principle operates in Leningrad region in order to establish comfortable business environment. The region provides progressive regional tax benefits for investors and developers of industrial parks. Regional measures of support for trading activity (tax benefits and subsidies) are unique in Russia. The region complies with the provisions of the federal road map for improvement of investment climate prepared by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

  • Industrial parks

There are 3 state and 9 private industrial parks already existing or being implemented in Leningrad region. The region is one of the leaders in Russia in terms of this index. In order to preserve its leading positions the region adopted a law on measures of government support for creation and development of industrial parks in 2014.

  • Cluster policy 

One of the key mechanisms for achieving rapid economic growth is cluster policy. Cluster development is an integral part of improvement of industrial policy in accordance with the order of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation №DM-P8-5060 of 28.08.2012 which approves the list of innovative territorial clusters.

Cluster approach is intended to enhance competitiveness of regional economy.

Creation of clusters brings significant benefits for all its participants in the following directions:

  • reduction of logistics costs due to proximity to the largest European and Russian markets (proximity and large number of suppliers);
  • synergy in the sphere of Research and Development;
  • economic stability;
  • reduction of market development costs (proximity of potential clients);
  • reduction of purchase costs;
  • reduction of personnel training costs (proximity of education institutions).

Leningrad region accumulates clusters with high growth potential. First of all they include:

  1. Automotive and auto components cluster – established together with Saint Petersburg, about 25% of all cars in Russia are manufactured on its territory.
  2. Shipbuilding cluster – its enterprises has enormous growth potential because of active development of Arctic shelf and the Northeast Passage.
  3. Cluster of medical, pharmaceutical industry and radiation technologies – the first in Russia nanotechnology park is being constructed within its framework.
  4. Building materials cluster – meets requirements of one of the fast-growing construction markets in Russia – Saint Petersburg and Northwestern Federal District on the whole.
  5. Food industry cluster – which manufactures about 40% of all agricultural products in Northwestern Federal District.
  6. Petrochemical cluster – more than 30% in the structure of shipped products of manufacturing industries.