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Demand for tourist infrastructure in the region
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Поиск по порталу

Demand for tourist infrastructure in the region

Potentially Leningrad region together with Saint Petersburg can create the largest in Russia tourist and recreational complex which will successfully combine both classic forms of tourism and new directions such as ecotourism, rural tourism. The region has a great potential for development of infrastructure for active leisure, creation of amusement parks aimed at the audience of Saint Petersburg and Northwest Russia on the whole.

Most promising directions of tourism development in Leningrad region:

Cultural and cognitive tourism – based on constant interest to enormous and diverse cognitive potential of Leningrad region including rich historical, architectural, literary, archaeological heritage and small historical towns and rural settlements. This direction provides the most part of tourist visits to Leningrad region.

Religious and pilgrimage tourism – many objects of religious tourism which attract pilgrims are located in the north-east of Leningrad region.

Rural tourism – today the region contains about one hundred of rural guest houses, thus consumers have an opportunity to select suitable types of accommodation – from simple rustic houses to guest houses with heating, showers, equipped kitchen. Much attention is paid to additional services – organization of hunting and fishing, boat rental, equipment rental. Due to active development of rural tourism new accommodations are being created in Leningrad region, rural population of the region is employed, urban residents get an opportunity of outdoor recreation.

Water tourism – yachting, cruise, sailing and motor tourism.

Active tourism – rock climbing, ski tourism, hiking, motorcycle tourism, bicycle tourism.

The most important cultural and tourist project of the region is Silver Necklace of Russia: 

serebryannoe ozherelye

Today a draft Concept of Silver Necklace of Russia is being developed.

Aims of the project:

  • development of domestic and inbound tourism;
  • integration of the most competitive tourist and recreation, historical and cultural centres in Northwest Russia;
  • comprehensive promotion of the territories under a single brand;
  • provision of investment flow, including foreign investment, in development of tourism sector;
  • contribution to socio-economic development of regions.

Description of the project:

Silver Necklace of Russia is a unique tourism product (brand) consisting of chain of routes crossing ancient Russian cities with unique historical and cultural heritage of Northwest Russia. The tourist project Silver Necklace of Russia covers the territories of Leningrad, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Pskov, Novgorod regions, Saint Petersburg, the Republic of Karelia and the Komi Republic, Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Tourist routes of the project are not limited in terms of subject, sequence, duration.

10 routes converging in the central point – Saint Petersburg have already been developed. The objects within the routes are united by subjects and territories. The routes may last for one, two or several days. The routes are characterized by modularity, ability to be a part of one or several routes, ability to compile a new program from already existing. Already developed routes can be united with those developed in five neighbouring regions – Pskov, Novgorod, Vologda regions, Saint Petersburg, the Republic of Karelia. 

Another important project of Leningrad region is development of tourist and recreation cluster on the base of Staraya Ladoga village:  

staraya ladoga

Staraya Ladoga is a unique cultural and historical centre of Russia, one of the cradles of Russian civilization. Staraya Ladoga was mentioned for the first time in the chronicle of year 862. This was the northernmost outpost of Slavs, the centre of world Eurasian trade at the great trade routes from the Varangians to the Greeks and from the Varangians to the Arabs.

Purpose of the project: creation of a nationwide cultural and tourist centre on the basis of Staraya Ladoga.

The territory of Staraya Ladoga consists of:

  • 92 object of cultural heritage, including 11 federal ones;
  • unique picturesque natural landscape;
  • transport accessibility and proximity to large cities – Saint Petersburg, Cherepovets, Vologda;
  • objects of archeological heritage.

Priorities of development of Staraya Ladoga – history, culture, nature, scientific research and museology, tourism and recreation, transport, engineering system, housing.

Aims of the project:

  • creation of comfortable environment for residents and guests of Leningrad region by preservation and organic adaptation of the objects of cultural heritage and construction of modern accommodation facilities and objects of tourism infrastructure;
  • reconstruction of transport system and public spaces;
  • development of Staraya Ladoga as a spiritual centre for religious tourism and pilgrimage;

Implementation period of the project: 2015-2018

Volume of investment: 5.5 billion rubles

Measures of support for tourism and recreation infrastructure:

Measures for development of tourism in Leningrad region are provided within the subprogram Development of Domestic and Inbound Tourism in Leningrad Region.

Implementation period: 2014-2018

Amount of financing of the subprogram: 431 million rubles

Expected results:   

  • number of tourists – 1390.6 thousand people per year;
  • number of collective accommodation will increase up to 720 units;
  • number of beds in collective accommodations will come to 53,280 beds;
  • number of employed in collective accommodations and travel agencies will increase up to 14,624 people;
  • volume of tax revenues to the regional budget will increase up to 832 million rubles.


Ustinova Elena Viktorovna 

Chairman of the Committee on Tourism of Leningrad region 


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