Lodeynopolsky municipal district

Lodeynopolsky district is located in the north-eastern part of Leningrad region between two rivers, the Svir and the Oyat. It borders the Republic of Karelia (Olonetsky district) in the north, Podporozhsky district of Leningrad region in the north-east, Tikhvinsky district in the south and Volkhovsky district in the south-west. The territory of the district is washed by Lake Ladoga in the west.

Official website of the district

Distance to Saint Petersburg

240 km

Administrative centre

Lodeynoe Pole


4910.9 square km


30,086 people


Industry of the district consists of manufacturing enterprises (manufacture of food products, textile manufacturing, metallurgical industry, manufacture of metal goods, wood processing and production of timber goods, printing industry), production and distribution of electric power, gas, steam and hot water.

Forest resources are of the district’s industrial interest. About 500 thousand cubic meters of timber is logged in the district annually, therefore the main branch of industry is wood processing and manufacture of timber goods.


The basis of the road network is formed by federal road M 18 Saint Petersburg – Petrozavodsk – Murmansk, regional roads P 36 Lodeynoe Pole – Tikhvin – Budogoshch and P 37 Lodeynoe Pole – Oshta. The river Svir, which is a part of Volga-Baltic Waterway, is navigable.

There is a part of the electrified railroad Saint Petersburg – Mga – Volkhovstroy – Lodeynoe Pole – Podporozhye – Petrozavodsk – Murmansk and adjoining railway line Lodeynoe Pole – Olonets – Sortavala – Priozersk – Saint Petersburg (that makes a ring across Lake Ladoga) passing the territory of Lodeynopolsky district.

Total length of the general purpose railway lines within the limits of the district is about 2.4 thousand km.

Large enterprises





Production of plywood, wood boards and panels

Branch office of Vladimir, LLC in Lodeynoe Pole

Production of wooden building structures

Lodeynopolskaya Teploset, LLC (Heating System)

Distribution of gaseous fuel

Lodeynopolsky Mast Impregnation Plant, LLC

Production of wood poles

Podporozhsky Asphalt Plant, LLC

Production of goods made of asphalt or similar materials

Kvarta, LLC

Production of sanitary ware


Production of warp knitted outerwear

Largest investment projects


Volume of investment

Rainbow trout breeding

53 million rubles

Production of glued laminated timber and houses made of glued laminated timber

51 million rubles

Production of soft drinks and drinking water

320 million rubles