Slantsevsky municipal district

Slantsevsky district is situated in the south-west of Leningrad region between the Narva river and the Luga river. The district is bordered by Kingiseppsky, Volosovsky and Luzhsky districts of Leningrad region in the north and in the east, by Gdovsky and Plyussky districts of Pskov region in the south. Since 1993 there has been a frontier with the Republic of Estonia following the Narva river in the western border of the district.

Official website of the district

Distance to Saint Petersburg

192 km

Administrative centre



2191.1 square km


43,892 people


According to Rosstat (Russian Federal State Statistics Service), as of 01.01.2016 76 industrial enterprises of different legal forms are registered in Slantsevsky municipal district. Among all branches of industry the most important is manufacture of building materials – cement and foam concrete blocks.
In 2015 large industrial enterprises of Slantsevsky district manufactured goods which costed 8742.9 million rubles.


Town of Slantsy is crossed by Saint Petersburg – Gdov. The town and the district have road connections with Saint Petersburg, Pskov, Luga, Gdov, Novgorod, Ivangorod and the port of Ust-Luga.

Large enterprises



Slantsevsky Cement Plant Cesla, OJSC

Cement production

Peterburgcement, LLC

Cement production

EuroAeroBeton, CJSC

Production of autoclaved aerated concrete

Slantsevsky Zavod Polymer, OJSC

Main production: general mechanical rubber goods and footwear made of polymeric materials


Wall panels, prefabricated buildings for construction of social infrastructure buildings, low-rise apartment houses, etc.

Nord-West Terminal, LLC

Marine fuel production

Ecorusmetal, LLC  Battery recycling 

Largest investment projects


Volume of investment 

Cement, LLC

17,800 million rubles

EuroAeroBeton, CJSC

1161.9 million rubles