Tikhvinsky municipal district

Tikhvinsky district is situated in the north-east of Leningrad region, 200 km away from Saint Petersburg. It borders Volkhovsky and Kirishsky districts in the west, Novgorod region and Boksitogorsky district in the south, Vologda region and Boksitogorsky district in the east and Lodeynopolsky district in the north.

Official website of the district

Distance to Saint Petersburg

200 km

Administrative centre



7017.7 square km


70,029 people


Industry is the basis of economy in the district, its share in total volume of produced goods, performed works and services has increased over the last 5 years from 82% in 2010 to 90% in 2015. And the share of manufacturing industry enterprises in total volume of industrial production has changed from 92% to 97%.

These years are characterized by changes in industrial production: share of production of mechanical engineerign has grown from 61% to 80%. 


Motorways A114 (Vologda – Novaya Ladoga) and P36 (Lodeynoe Pole – Budogosch) and a railway going from Saint Petersburg through Cherepovets and Vologda to Ural and Arkhangelsk passes the territory of Tikhvinsky district.

Besides, an extensive road network of the district connects administrative centre with urban settlements.

Large enterprises



Tikhvin Assembly Plant Titran-Express, CJSC

Manufacture of parts of rolling stocks and track equipment

Tikhvin Ferroalloy Plant, LLC

Production of ferroalloy, excluding blast furnace ferroalloy

Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant, CJSC

Manufacture of rolling stocks

Tihmash, LLC

Metal goods processing, using main mechanical engineering processes

Swedwood Tikhvin, LLC

Manufacture of furniture

Comazo, LLC

Production of warp knitted underwear

TikhvinKhimMash, CJSC

Manufacture of rolling stocks
Tikhvin Bread-baking Complex, OJSC

Production of bread and confectionery bakery products of short-term storage

Vodokanal, Municipal Enterprise

Collection, treatment and distribution of water

Teplovye Seti, Municipal Enterprise (Heating System)

Production, transmission and distribution of steam and hot water (thermal energy)

Cultura-Agro, CJSC

Animal husbandry (dairy and meat)

Andreevskoe Joint Venture, CJSC Animal husbandry (dairy and meat)

Largest investment projects 


Volume of investment

Construction of a wood-processing plant and Swedwood Tikhvin Furniture Plant

(project is completed)


Construction of Tikhvin Ferroalloy Plant

(project is completed)

Construction of new generation railroad cars (Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant) over 1 billion USD
TikhvinKhimMash, production of tank cars 5.5 billion rubles