Tosnensky municipal district

Tosnensky district is one of the largest districts of Leningrad region, it is located in the central part of the region.

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Distance to Saint Petersburg

53 km

Administrative centre



3601.9 square km


131.9 thousand people


Industry of Tosnensky district is the leading branch of its economy. The structure of industry includes chemical industry – 32.5%, manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products – 19.7%, manufacture of machinery and equipment – 23.6%. New mechanical engineering enterprises are being established actively over the last years which proves more efficient structure of industrial production.
Tosnensky district is one of the leaders of agricultural industry in Leningrad region (10% more than average in the region). Agricultural enterprises, peasant (farm) enterprises, household plots are the base of the agro-industrial complex.
There are 3,402 subjects of small and medium-sized business in Tosnensky district, including:
  • 21 medium-sized enterprises, legal entities;
  • 134 small enterprises, legal entities;
  • 725 micro enterprises, legal entities;
  • 2,522 sole proprietorships.


Tosnensky district is one of the largest districts in Leningrad region, it is located in its central part (40 km away from Saint Petersburg). The district has great transport and transit potential: developed transport infrastructure, its railways and roads are included in the system of international transport corridors which connect Saint Petersburg with Moscow and other regions in Russia, it also has great potential of socio-economic development.

Large enterprises



Henkel RUS, OJSC

Production of varnishes, paints, glues and gelatin
Tosnensky Mehanichesky Zavod (ToMeZ), OJSC (Tosno  Mechanical Plant)

Production of  special purpose vehicles

Plant №2 of Zavod im.Kalinina, OJSC (Kalinin Plant)

Production of weapons and ammunition

Caterpillar Tosno, LLC

Manufacture of machines and equipment for minerals extraction

Tubex, CJSC

Production of packaging made of lightweight materials
Tosno Mechanized Track Maintenance Department

Maintenance of railway constructions

Carriage Repair Depot Tosno

Repair, maintenance and alteration of locomotives

Alpla, LLC

Production of plastic packaging

Nefrit Ceramics, OJSC

Production of ceramic tiles

Piterwood, CJSC Timber sawing, planning and impregnation

Keramzit, CJSC

Production of mineral thermal insulation and soundproofing materials and goods

Petrokeramika, CJSC

Production of bricks, tiles and other building materials
Tosno Mixed Fodder Factory, CJSC 

Production of mixed fodder

Interfoam-SPb, LLC

Production of plastic and synthetic resin in primary forms
Phart, Small Scientific and Production Enterprise, CJSC Production of fertilizers and nitrogen compounds

Pelgorskoe-M, LLC

Peat extraction

Financial and Industrial Group Rosstro – LFK, LLC

Production of glued plywood

Vineta, LLC Designing and production of mechanical engineering goods for shipbuilding industry, atomic industry and energy industry enterprises

Radio centre №11


Roca Rus, LLC Production of ceramic sanitary ware, LLC

Production of wooden building materials

Fiskars Brands Rus, CJSC

Production of tools

Interfill, LLC

Production of soaps, detergents and polishes

Heating Equipment, LLC

Production of major home appliances

Territorial Production Complex Iskozh-Tosno, LLC Production of miscellaneous textile goods

Signal, LLC

Production of various special purpose machines and equipment and components for them

Leningrad Plant Sokol, OJSC

Pipes and reservoirs heating systems, ice protection systems

Largest investment projects


Volume of investment

Tosnensky Mehanichesky Zavod (ToMeZ), OJSC (Tosno  Mechanical Plant)  
Heating Equipment, LLC


Interfill, LLC  
Alpla, LLC  
Vineta, LLC  
Signal, LLC  

Teplo-Region, LLC


Gazpromneft-North-West, CJSC