Volkhovsky municipal district

Volkhovsky municipal district is located in the central part of Leningrad region, it borders several municipal districts of Leningrad region – Lodeynopolsky in the north-east, Tikhvinsky in the south-east, Kirishsky in the south and Kirovsky in the west. The territory of this district is washed by Lake Ladoga in the north. There are the Volkhov, the Syas and the Pasha rivers flowing through the territory of the district.

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Distance to Saint Petersburg

122 km

Administrative centre



5124.6 square km


93,343 people


Volkhovsky district has stable diversified economy that is developing sustainably at present.
Economy of the district has almost all branches of industry: manufacturing, production and distribution of electric energy, gas and water, transport and communications, construction, agriculture, retail trade. Manufacturing is one of the most developed branches, it includes chemical industry, manufacture of petroleum products, pulp and paper industry, woodworking industry, manufacture of food products. Manufacturing’s share in the total volume of products shipped from the municipal district makes about 85%.


Oktyabrskaya railway with a huge junction in Volkhov passes the territory of Volkhovsky municipal district.
Road network of the district consists of federal motorways (Saint Petersburg – Murmansk, Vologda – Novaya Ladoga) and regional motorways (Zuevo – Novaya Ladoga, Pasha – Chasovenskoe – Kayvaksa, Kirishi – Gorodishche – Volkhov). The Svir, the Volkhov and the Pasha rivers flowing through the territory of the district and Lake Ladoga are navigable. Total length of waterways in the territory of the municipal district is 70 km.
Cargo berths are situated in Novaya Ladoga. Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline passes the territory of the district. There are international transport corridors passing the district: Trans-Siberian Railway transport corridor, North-South transport corridor which is a branch of M-18 federal motorway Saint Petersburg – Murmansk (Cola).

Large enterprises



Volkhovhleb, JSC

Manufacture of food products

Syassky Pulp and Paper Mill, JSC

Pulp and paper industry

Volkhov Enterprise Volna, LLC Manufacture of electrical equipment

Volkhovchanka, CJSC

Textile industry

Volkhovneftechem, LLC Petroleum products

Volkhov Mixed Fodder Factory, CJSC

Manufacture of food products

Volkhov Printing-house, Municipal Unitary Enterprise

Publishing and printing

Metachem, CJSC

Chemical industry

Talosto-3000, LLC

Manufacture of food products

Largest investment projects


Volume of investment

Metachem, CJSC:

– construction of a unit for sulfuric acid decomposition of cake;
– construction of a new production plant of sulfuric acid

Construction of a plant for turnkey production of buildings based of cross laminated timber materials, residential and industrial objects reconstruction, expansion and technical re-equipment of a corrugated fiberboard factory in Avrovo settlement