Vyborgsky municipal district

Vyborgsky district is located in the north-western part of Leningrad region. The district borders Republic of Karelia in the north, Pryozersky municipal district of Leningrad region in the north-east, Saint Petersburg federal city in the east (the distance between Vyborg and Saint Petersburg is 138 km) and frontier with Finland in the west (the length of the frontier is 120 km).

Official website of the district

Distance to Saint Petersburg

138 km

Administrative centre



7431.2 square km


205,718 people


Economic potential of Vyborgsky municipal district is based on diversified structure of economy, highly competitive enterprises in such spheres as shipbuilding, pulp and paper industry, cargo processing in port complexes.

There are 5,423 enterprises and organizations (68% of them are small and micro-enterprises) and 4,700 sole proprietorships operating in the territory of the district.

Enterprises of manufacturing industry comprise 90% of industrial complex.

More than 50% of industrial production is made by pulp and paper industry enterprises.


Transport complex of Vyborgsky district includes rail, road, ship and pipeline transport.

Transport network consists of:

  • main railroad directions: Saint Petersburg – Helsinki (it is a part of the 9th intermodal transport corridor), Vyborg – Khyitola, Saint Petersburg – Zelenogorsk – Primorsk – Vyborg;
  • federal motorway of international importance Scandinavia, including main regional roads going to the same direction: Zelenogorsk – Primorsk – Vyborg and Molodezhnoe – Verkhne-Cherkasovo;
  • sea trade ports and terminals (Vyborg, Vysotsk, Primorsk).
Main pipeline transport consists of two lines of the pipeline Saint Petersburg  – Vyborg – state border with 820 and 1,020 mm diameter and of Baltic pipeline system Kirishi-Primorsk.

Large enterprises



International Paper, CJSC

Pulp and paper industry

SCA Hygiene Products Russia, LLC

Pulp and paper industry

Vyborg Timber Industry Corporation, LLC

Pulp and paper industry, production of biofuel

Vyborg Shipyard, JSC

Production of ships

Rockwool-Sever, LLC

Production of other non-metal mineral goods

Priborostroitel, CJSC

Production of machines and equipment

Zavod Pirs, OJSC

Production of machines and equipment

TechnoNikol, LLC

Production of other non-metal mineral goods

NTL Packing, LLC

Production of packing

Vyborgmontazh, OJSC

Production of metal goods

National Wine Terminal, LLC

Manufacture of food products

Veresk, LLC

Manufacture of food products

Kamenogorskoe Kareroupravlenie, CJSC (Kamenogorsk Open-pit Management)

Extraction of other minerals

Semiozersk Open-pit Management, CJSC

Extraction of other minerals

Kamenogorsk Industrial Minerals Combine, CJSC

Extraction of other minerals

Gavrilovsk Open-pit Management, CJSC

Extraction of other minerals

Vyborg Open-pit Management, CJSC

Extraction of other minerals

Dorpromgranit, LLC

Extraction of other minerals

Vyborgteploenergo, OJSC

Production and distribution of electric energy, gas and water

Vyborg Wastewater Treatment Plant, OJSC

Installation of domestic water meters free of charge

Largest investment projects


Volume of investment

Gas transmission pipeline Nord Stream

296,000 million rubles

Rockwool-Sever, LLC (production of non-flammable insulation)

3,840 million rubles

International Paper, CJSC (pulp and paper industry)

9,000 million rubles

2nd industrial zone of port Vyborg

690 million rubles