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Small and medium-sized business

Leningrad region is attractive for small and medium-sized business.  

According to Rosstat (Federal State Statistics Service), as of 1 January 2017 more than 61,000 subjects of small and medium-sized business work in Leningrad region, including:

  • 43,251 individual entrepreneurs;
  • 247 medium-sized enterprises;
  • 2,104 small enterprises;
  • 15,795 microenterprises.


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Small and medium-sized business of Leningrad region is developing dynamically. 

In 2016 the revenue of small enterprises (including micro enterprises and individual entrepreneurs) came to 436.6 billion rubles (119.9% to 2014), investment in fixed capital – 18.8 billion rubles (138.4% to 2015), including investments in fixed capital of medium-sized enterprises which came to 14.4 billion rubles (193.5% to 2015) in 2016.

Total number of employees in small and medium-sized business is over 192,000 people, which makes about 26% of economically active population of Leningrad region:

  • number of employees in small and micro enterprises – 115.5 thousand people;
  • number of employees in medium-sized enterprises – 26.3 thousand people.

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