Technological connection to electric grids

Procedure of technological connection of applicants with maximum capacity of power receivers up to 150 kW, energy supply of which is carried out with the use of one energy source (3rd category of reliability)

Technological connection is a comprehensive service provided by grid operators to all interested people (hereinafter – applicants) for creation of the technical capability of consumption of electrical energy. The service includes connection of power receivers of a consumer to electric grid facilities of grid operators.

The procedure is defined in the Rules of technological connection of power receivers of consumers of electric power, electric power production facilities and electric grid facilities of grid operators to electric grids. The Rules were approved by the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 27.12.2004 No.861.

The procedure of technological connection consists of three stages:

  • Submission of an application and conclusion of a contract on technological connection.
  • Implementation of activities by the parties of the contract (a grid organization and an applicant) provided by technical conditions for technological connection.
  • Control of fulfilment of technical conditions by an applicant, connection of power receivers (application of voltage) and preparation of documents on technological connection.