Investment portal of leningrad region

Shipbuilding industry

The Government of Leningrad region is working on creation of industrial shipbuilding cluster.

The Association “Cluster of Marine Equipment Manufacturers and Shipbuilding Enterprises” was established in Leningrad region in order to create conditions for efficient interaction of the participants of the Cluster. The Association provides methodical, organizational, expert and analytical, informational support to development of the cluster.

28.2billion rubles
volume of shipped products of the industry (2019)
222.4million rubles
volume of investments (2019)
thousand people total number of employees in the industry

Among potential members of the cluster are shipbuilding and ship repair yards, as well as manufacturers of marine equipment.

Enterprises participating in the cluster have unique scientific, technical and production potential which allows manufacturing a wide range of promising high technology products.

  • supply vessels
  • icebreakers 
  • multifunctional vessels
  • rescue vessels
  • anchor handling tug supply vessels
  • seismic and geological exploration vessels
  • scientific and research vessels
  • port tugs
  • fishing vessels, including ice class vessels
  • nuclear-powered icebreakers with increased capacity of 60-110 MW and new generation diesel-electric icebreakers with capacity of 16-25 MW
  • ice class tankers
  • hi-tech research vessels
  • FPSO vessels for processing and transportation of shelf development products
  • drilling platforms for development of arctic shelf
  • marine equipment and ship interior fittings
  • floating hotels

Key directions of scientific and technical industrial development

  • increasing competitiveness and economic potential of participants of the cluster
  • creation of conditions for wide access to innovations, new technologies and technical solutions, provision of technology transfer due to cooperation of the participants of the cluster
  • creation of conditions for attraction of highly qualified personnel in shipbuilding industry and related sectors, as well as development of the system of training and advanced training of scientific, engineering and technical, managerial employees and production personnel
  • modernization and comprehensive development of the infrastructure of the cluster
  • creation of opportunities for launching joint investment projects, including simplification of access of the cluster’s participants to financial (credit) resources and government support
  • contribution to development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship in the cluster
  • foreign economic integration and growth of competitiveness of the cluster’s participants based, among all, on support received by the projects of the cluster at domestic and foreign markets

Competitive advantages

Availability of large industrialshipbuilding and ship repair enterprises which can develop partnership


Availability of government supportin the region

Availability of the system for training of highly professional employees for shipbuilding industry and related sectors

Availability of developed transport infrastructure (seaports, highways, airways and railways) and convenient access to the key markets

Government support

Government support at the regional level:

  • reduction of corporate income tax (from 18% to 13.5%)
  • reduction of corporate property tax (from 2.2% to 0%)
  • reduction of corporate income tax within special investment contract (SPIC) (from 17% to 5%) and reduction of corporate property tax (from 2.2% to 0%)

Government support at the federal level:

  • subsidizing interest rate of credits on working capital financing and current activities
  • partial reimbursement of expenses on research and development in priority directions of civil industry within the frameworks of implementation of comprehensive investment projects
  • provision of loans at a rate of 5% per annum for 7 years amounting from 50 to 500 million rubles (Industry Development Fund)
  • partial reimbursement of expenses on implementation of comprehensive projects on creation of hi-tech production with participation of Russian higher education organizations, state scientific institutions


The participants of the cluster are implementing the following projects:

  • on modernization of production capacities (Pella Shipyard)
  • on automation of production (Nevsky Shipyard)
  • on technical re-equipment and modernization of production of marine equipment (GESER)
  • on modernization and technical re-equipment (Vyborg Shipyard)