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Scaffolding Plant


One of the largest manufacturers of metal stairs, ladders and other scaffolding equipment in Russia. Trademarks of Scaffolding Plant: Novaya Vysota, Vira and Kroft.

Date of establishment: 2010
Project: construction of new production facilities, expansion of scaffolding equipment production
Volume of investments: 204 million rubles
Number of planned jobs: 70
Implementation period: 2020–2024

The investment project will result in putting into operation up to 20,000 m² of additional production and warehouse facilities for expansion of the range of products, for increasing the production of lifting equipment to 2.2 million units per year. It is planned to equip the production with modern equipment and use advanced innovative technologies.

Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region assisted in passing the interdepartmental commission on the placement of production forces of Leningrad region in order to confirm that a large-scale investment project meets the criteria of the regional law of Leningrad region of 11.02.2016 No. 1-oz in order to obtain land plots for rent without bidding procedures.

Address: Korpikovo industrial area, Gatchinsky district
Phone: +7 (81371) 918-04

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