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TRIER-SPB is a part of a German concern IREKS GmbH established in 1856 and specializing in the production of ingredients for the bakery, confectionery and brewing industry.

Date of establishment: 2002
Project: construction of a complex for production of dry food mixes
Volume of investments: 500 million rubles
Number of planned jobs: 50

In 2000 IREKS GmbH launched the first factory for the production of ingredients for bakery and confectionery industries in Moscow region, then factories were opened in Saint Petersburg and Rostov-on-Don. In order to expand and modernize production TRIER-SPB is implementing the project on the construction of a complex for the production of raw materials for confectionery and bakery industries and an education centre with office premises.

For the implementation of the project TRIER-SPB acquired rights to a 1.88 ha land plot in Greenstate Industrial Park in Lomonosovsky district. Currently, construction of the complex is at the stage of completion.

Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region provided support in receiving a construction permit.

Address: 2 B Volkhonskoe highway, Greenstate Industrial Park, Lomonosovsky district
Phone: +7 (812) 740-10-77

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