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Yahtec Rus


The company, incorporated in France, is the world's top manufacturer of gas infrared and gas air heating and ventilation systems for industrial and warehouse premises.

Yahtec Rus annually invests 10% of its revenue in scientific research. This allows finding new effective solutions to improve existing products and create new ones.

Date of establishment: 1987
Project: construction of a plant for production of gas air heaters
Volume of investments: 300 million rubles
Number of planned jobs: 150
Implementation period: 2021 (first phase)

The enterprise is in the process of transferring production from the leased industrial facilities in Kommunar to a land plot of 2.5 ha. The land plot and the building are owned by the company. The building is currently being overhauled.

Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region provides support to the company in terms of electricity and gas supply.

Address: 5 Promyshlennaya street, Tosno, Tosnensky district
Phone: +7 (812) 335-49-90

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