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Industry of Leningrad region

Leningrad region is one of the largest industrial centres and one of the leaders in terms of economic development in Northwest Russia. 

Gross regional product of Leningrad region amounted to 1.15 trillion rubles in 2019 (according to the estimates). From 2016 to 2019 the volume of GRP has increased by 8.6%. Industry is a main branch of economy of Leningrad region, its share in gross regional product is 38.1%.

The main branches of industry are:

  • automotive industry
  • shipbuilding
  • chemical industry
  • petrochemistry
  • agro-industrial complex
  • wood processing
  • pulp and paper industry
  • building materials industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • aluminum industry

Industry of Leningrad region includes more than 1,400 large and medium-sized enterprises, some of them are among the leading organizations in Russia. More than 500 small enterprises also work in industrial production. The number of employees in industry is about 31% of the total number of employees in organizations of Leningrad region.

The share of shipped goods of own production by manufacturing industry of Leningrad region is 85% of the total volume of shipped goods in the region.

Gross regional product

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Structure of industry of Leningrad region

The industrial complex of Leningrad region consists of:

  • manufacturing industries (84.6%)
  • provision of electricity, gas and steam, air conditioning (13.1%)
  • water supply, wastewater disposal, collection of waste and recycling, liquidation of pollution (1.2%)
  • extraction of minerals (1.1%)

In 2019 Leningrad region occupied the 14th place among Russian regions and the 2nd place in Northwestern Federal District in terms of the volume of shipped industrial products.

Volume of shipped goods of own production, performed work and services

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 Index of industrial production

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