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Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres has been closely and fruitfully cooperating with the Government of Leningrad region over the last 14 years. Comprehensive support provided by the regional and municipal authorities contributed to the success of our investment project in Vsevolozhsk. If we had to pick a location for a factory in Russia again, we would make the same choice we did in 2004 – Vsevolozhsk in Leningrad region.

 CEO of Nokian Tyres Andrey Pantyukhov

Nokian Tyres is a world-renowned tyre concern with rich history, traditions and culture. The company produces tyres for passenger cars and SUVs, commercial and freight transport, industrial machinery under the brands Nokian Hakkapeliitta, Nokian Hakka and Nokian Nordman.

Nokian Tyres factory in Vsevolozhsk is a key industrial site of the concern. According to numerous independent ratings, it is one of the most modern and efficient factories in the world. The factory was built from scratch and officially opened in 2005. Its production lines have the newest high-tech equipment, all processes are automated. The factory works 24/7. Full-cycle production – from raw materials to finished products.

64% of produced goods are exported to foreign markets. The products are sold in Russia, Finland, Scandinavian countries, Central Europe, North America, China and Japan.

The factory is certified by the international ecological standard ISO14001. The plant operates on an environmentally conscious basis and does not use harmful oils or additives, uses water on a circular scheme (re-using the water multiple times). The enterprise has its own power plant and cooling system which are equipped with modern technology to maintain the appropriate temperature in the workshops.

Around 80% of all tyres produced by Nokian Tyres are made at the factory in Vsevolozhsk.

About 1 billion euro – volume of investments into fixed capital of the company over 14 years
1,216 people – number of employees

2005: Nokian Tyres factory was opened in Vsevolozhsk
2016: production audit of the factory was carried out by Volkswagen Audi Group – compliance of the processes and quality systems of Nokian Tyres with international standards was confirmed once again
2017: the 14th assembly line was installed which expanded the production capacity to 17 million tyres per year
10 October 2017: the 100-millionth tyre was produced by the Russian Nokian Tyres plant

Address: 14 Avtomobilnaya street, Vsevolozhsk, Vsevolozhsky district
Phone: +7 (812) 336-90-00
Official website: