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Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies

Historically, Siemens views the Government of Leningrad region as one of its most important partners for business and investments. When choosing a place for factory construction, our specialists considered over 30 sites. SGTT produces high power gas turbines, which are heavy, massive goods that require complex logistics system. To ship such products, access to a railroad or waterway where such goods can be transported is required. The infrastructure of Gorelovo site allows SGTT to organise the necessary logistics.

CEO of Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies Nico Paetzold

Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies (SGTT) is a joint venture of Siemens AG (65%) and Power Machines (35%), the official opening of the factory took place on 18 June 2015. The enterprise develops, produces, sells and services gas turbines with a power of over 60 MW for the Russian and CIS markets. SGTT is a competence centre in the sphere of gas turbine production and the leader of the market for companies that use high power gas turbines to generate energy. The level of localisation of 2000E turbine, which is one of the most demanded turbines at the Russian market among all large turbines of Siemens, reaches 52%, as confirmed by the St. Petersburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation.

More than 110 million euro – volume of investments
More than 300 jobs

1991–2001: Interturbo (predecessor of SGTT, LMZ – 55%, Siemens – 45%) was founded
Launch of the transfer of Siemens gas turbine technologies to Russia. Over 10 years, 19 turbines were assembled on the Turboatomgas site in Novodevyatkino, 5 of which were shipped to the Russian market, whereas the rest were exported abroad.
2011: Siemens Gas Turbine Technologies (Power Machines – 35%, Siemens AG – 65%) was created
2013: foundation stone was laid for a new factory in Gorelovo industrial site
2015: opening of a new production complex. Shipment of the first SGT5-2000E turbine from Gorelovo
– the first combustion chamber SGT5-2000E was manufactured at SGTT site, manufacture of rotor disks was localized
– launch of a remote diagnostics monitoring centre for gas turbine equipment
– SGTT won the nominations “Best enterprise of Leningrad region – 2016” and “Industry locomotive – 2017”
– shipment of the tenth SGT5-2000E turbine
– opening of a new repair and restoration department for gas turbine blades

Address: 1 Siemens street, southern part of Gorelovo industrial zone, Lomonosovsky district
Phone: + 7 (812) 643-73-00
Official website: