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The timber industry complex of the Leningrad Region is one of the region's priority industries. Anastasia Mikhalchenko, Director of the Economic Development Agency of the Leningrad Region, spoke about its development and implementation of investment projects in this area at the international forum "Forest industry of Russia: harvesting, processing, production."

We share the main theses:

The woodworking industry of the Leningrad region includes enterprises engaged in wood processing, production of wood products, paper and paper products, as well as wooden furniture.

The basis is the production of paper and paper products. A large amount of investment in paper products came in 2018. Every second sheet of office paper in Russia is produced in the Leningrad Region at the Svetogorsk Pulp and Paper Mill.

Also, given the high demand, one of the main types of finished products in the Leningrad region is sawn timber. The volume of production in 2021 increased by 3.2%.

In 2021, paper and paper products increased by 32%, furniture by 41%, and the largest increase in wood and cork products by 48%.

The market for timber industry products is changing not only quantitatively, increasing production volumes, but also qualitatively, due to the fact that companies are gradually upgrading their technologies.

At the moment, the region is implementing at least 5 investment projects of the timber industry complex for a total amount of more than 16 billion rubles.

In order to support the enterprises of Lesoprom, in 2018, the Cluster of the timber processing industry was created in the Leningrad Region, today it has 10 participants.

In the Leningrad Region, a system has been built to support investments in the timber processing industry - tax incentives are available (SPIK 2.0, RIP, SZPK, INV 113-OZ), and business development institutions clearly work in a 360-degree system, accumulating all available support measures for investors.

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