Investment portal of leningrad region

Integrated Regional Information System

Integrated Regional Information System “Investment Development of Leningrad Region” (IRIS) is an interactive map which demonstrates investment advantages and opportunities of Leningrad region.

IRIS provides access of state authorities, local authorities of Leningrad region, organizations and individuals to the complete and current information about the overall development of Leningrad region, investment, infrastructure and resource potential of Leningrad region in order to improve the investment climate in the region.

IRIS contains information about 288 investment sites, 23 industrial parks and 174 investment projects.

In 2014 the informational system “Investment Development of Leningrad Region” became a winner in a category “Informatization” in the first All-Russian competition “The Best Managerial Decisions of Regional Authorities for Development of Investment Environment” prepared by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

1. Visualization of spatial information about infrastructure and resource potential of the region, namely the borders of the territories and administrative centers of municipalities, urban and rural settlements, land categories, bodies of water, protected areas, waste disposal facilities, data about minerals, transport and engineering infrastructure, cadastral plan of the territory of Leningrad region.
2. Preparation of informational and analytical materials on objects of investment activity in Leningrad region.
3. Provision of information about existing regional investment projects in industry, agriculture and recreation.
4. Provision of information about investment sites and land plots, the most suitable for placement of industrial enterprises, as well as for creation of industrial parks and technoparks.
5. Mapping the planned capital construction projects for infrastructure development in Leningrad region in accordance with federal and regional target programs.
6. Provision of opportunity to download documents, reflecting investment attractiveness of the region: investment passports of municipalities of Leningrad region, federal, municipal and regional programs for infrastructure development in the region, passports of investment projects, as well as information about land plots and available production areas located on the territory of the investment sites.
7. Provision of online access to IRIS using desktop computers and apps for iOS and Android.

1. Availability of the system 24/7.
2. Guaranteeing data security.
3. Support for two languages: Russian and English.
4. Ensuring performance of the cartographical platform of the unified database for spatial data in Leningrad region on the whole.
5. Acceptable operation speed with existing communication channels.
6. Provision of methods for data analysis, objects search using filters.
7. Availability of functions providing interactive creation, editing, deletion of objects and territories.
8. The following public UDFs:

  • measuring the distance between objects;
  • measuring length, area, perimeter;
  • setting the scale display;
  • setting the display sequence of layers;
  • changing the transparency of layers;
  • preview of public data about the object.

9. Mapping ScreenTip with the name of the object when you hover cursor over it.
10. Displaying text information about the object when clicking on it, as well as downloading.
11. Formation of image files to save or print a user-defined section of the map.
12. Ability to set user scale and image quality.
13. Placement and withdrawal in the «information about» menu of customizable data cards of objects, in accordance with the access rights.
14. Snapping files of any format to the objects, with the possibility of automatic associations in order to open them using software installed in the system, when review using internal software is impossible.
15. Ability to use symbols in accordance with those generally accepted in cartography for different scales.
16. Feedback for users if they find erroneous data.