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All Russia Public Organization Business Russia

Business Russia is an All Russia Public Organization that represents the interests of private non-resource companies that achieve leading positions in their industries. Business Russia is represented in all 85 regions of Russia and includes 48 committees.

Strategic goals:

  • In a partnership dialogue with society and the authorities, to achieve the development of Russia as a democratic country with a modern diversified market economy, a developed large business and a strong state that ensures effective development and order in the country.
  • To promote the establishment and implementation of the state’s economic policy aimed at creating favourable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship, private initiative, and competition as a means to achieve the overall strategic aim – improving the quality of life of its citizens based on economic growth.
year of incorporationtotal number of employees at the organization’s enterprises
number of businesspeople in the organizationtotal annual revenue of enterprises

Leningrad regional branch of Business Russia

The Leningrad regional branch of Business Russia successfully operates in Leningrad region.

Key objectives:

  • interaction with public authorities;
  • preparation of analytical reports and expert opinions in order to create conditions for economic growth and business development;
  • protection of business interests;
  • organization of work to eliminate excessive administrative and other barriers that hinder the accelerated development of the Russian economy;
  • conducting joint business and social projects within the organization.
members of the Council of the Leningrad regional branchbranches in Vsevolozhsky, Gatchinsky, Kirovsky districts
committeesbusiness partners

Mikhail Kosarev
Chairperson of the Council,
Leningrad regional branch of Business Russia

Konstantin Borodaev
Executive Director,
Leningrad regional branch of Business Russia

Address: 16 Shosseynaya street, settlement Myza-Ivanovka, Gatchinsky district, Leningrad region
Mail address: 7 Smolny avenue, room 3H, Saint Petersburg
Phone: +7 (911) 924-50-08