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Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region

Anastasia Mikhalchenko
Economic Development Agency
of Leningrad Region

“Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region is a “one-stop-shop” of the regional Administration for investment projects support.

Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable social and economic development of Leningrad region through the high-quality and fast implementation of investment projects and the establishment of a dialogue between authorities and business of the region.

Investors receive our support at any phase of project implementation: selection of an investment site; obtaining building permits; approval of engineering connections and alterations to urban planning documentation; commissioning; selection of tax benefits, etc.

We go along with you the whole way, provide comfortable interaction between business and authorities, contribute to the reduction of project implementation time. All services for investors are free of charge.

Today more than 174 projects, including projects with foreign participation, for the total amount of about 6,4 trillion rubles, receive the active support of the Agency.


The Agency provides following support:

The following information can be provided to investors upon the request:

  • Provisions of federal constitutional laws, federal laws, normative legal acts of the federal executive authorities, executive authorities of Leningrad region, regulations of local governments.
  • Data on tariffs, rates and procedure for determining payments in accordance with regulated tariffs of natural monopolies, approved by regulatory legal acts of the federal executive authorities, executive authorities of Leningrad region.
  • Data obtained from local governments of municipalities of Leningrad region, on population, level of economic development, the list of the industrial sites located in their territory and other data.
  • Provisions of the documents governing the procedure for obtaining specifications and the procedure for concluding contracts for technological connection.
  • Information on measures of state and regional support provided by federal, regional and municipal laws and regulations.
  • Information on the rates of taxes and duties, excises, tax regimes provided by federal, regional and municipal laws and regulations.
  • Information on specific modes of legal entities established by current legislation in Leningrad region and its districts, the content of targeted programs of all levels and order of participation in them.
  • Information about the decisions of the Investment Council under the Governor of Leningrad Region.
  • Information about human resource of Leningrad region and its municipalities, availability of labor resources in Leningrad region and dynamics of their development.
  • Data on the level of availability of engineering and transport, social infrastructure in Leningrad region and its territories.
  • Data on the list of documents, terms, order and place of receiving necessary coordination and permissions for implementation of a project according to federal, regional and municipal regulations.
  • Information about rules of project support prescribed by regulations of Leningrad region.
  • Other information contained in open sources of information available to the public and related to the project implementation in Leningrad region.


The Agency selects an investment site upon a request of the investor according to the data submitted in the application for support.

Information about investment sites is provided in a format of the passport of an investment site.

The Agency provides information within 3 working days after receiving the request.

If the list of investment sites does not contain any sites completely matching all presented parameters, then information on the most suitable sites is provided.

After considering the options of investment sites, the Agency agrees with the owners/tenants on a visit to make final decision on placement of  production (administrative, infrastructure, storage) facilities. 

Support for procedure of engineering and transport infrastructure development is provided by means of analysis of the validity of fees (tariffs, payments) upon request of the investor.

The Agency analyses the validity of fees (tariffs, payments) setting for provision of the project with engineering and transport infrastructure, in case regulation of this fees (tariff, payment) is carried out by the Government of Leningrad region.

The Committee on Tariffs of Leningrad Region gives its conclusion within 30 days.

Investor relations pattern:

2 days
Application for project support
5 days
Consideration of application for project support
Making decision on project support
Agreement on project support