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Food industry

One of strategically important directions for development of agro-industrial complex of Leningrad region is development of food industry. In 2018 Leningrad region initiated creation of the cluster of food industry and biotechnologies. The cluster is aimed at provision of all necessary local food products of high quality to the population of Leningrad region and Saint Petersburg, assistance to the participants in establishment of efficient cooperation, and at substitution of imported food products with domestic ones.


enterprises of various types of ownership


thousand people work in the branch

Branches of food industry

Dairy industryMeat industry
Bread baking industryConfectionery industry
Food canning industryProduction of soft drinks
Mixed feed industry

billion rubbles

volume of shipped products
by food industry enterprises, 2023


% in comparison with 2021

Volume of investments in fixed assets (million rubles):

Production of beverages



Food production



in comparison 2022

Key development directions

  • cooperation of intellectual, technological, financial, scientific, marketing resources of agricultural enterprises
  • resolving issues of innovative development of the branch with introduction of innovative biotechnologies at all stages of food products manufacture  
  • development and solving issues concerning implementation of joint projects in the sphere of cost reduction, marketing, logistics, staffing, advanced training for personnel
  • increase in the volume of production of agricultural goods and food products
  • growth of tax revenues to the budgets of different levels
  • creation and development of engineering, logistic, scientific and educational, informational and communication infrastructure

Competitive advantages

  • access to a large food products market  
  • developed resource base of enterprises
  • high share of small business in production of several types of agricultural products
  • availability of a number of modern hi-tech enterprises
  • availability of a sufficient amount of agricultural land
  • availability of a sufficient amount of water resources for agricultural needs

Projects and participants of the Cluster

Agro-industrial complex of Leningrad region is among four most attractive branches in terms of investments, together with construction, logistics and chemical industry. Today investment projects amounting to about 35 billion rubles are being implemented or planned to be implemented in the region. 

  • Greenhouse Complex Pikalevsky: construction of a greenhouse complex for indoor cultivation of fruits and vegetables
  • Agrotechnologies: construction of a new greenhouse complex with own gas generating station
  • IDAVANG Luga: construction of a pig farm with 3,450 breeding cows, production capacity – 98,000 commodity pigs per year
  • APK Vesta: construction of an industrial rabbit breeding complex with creation of a breeding and genetic centre
  • Breeding factory Rabititsy: construction and re-equipment of a dairy complex for 2,000 head of cattle
  • Rybstandard: expansion of production capacity of Rybstandard
  • Michelangelo: increase in production capacity of cottage cheese, soft cheese and semi hard cheese
  • Breeding factory Privenskoe: reconstruction of a dairy factory in Vsevolozhsky district 
  • Losevo: construction of a cheese production factory in Vyborgsky district
  • Galactika: production of fresh cheese in Leningrad region
  • Meat-Processing Plant Vsevolozhsky: modernization and expansion of a production complex 
  • Vsevolozhsky Myasnoy Dvor: construction of a meat-processing plant
  • Roschinsky Meat-Processing Plant: launch of a production complex for slaughter and boning of cattle