Investment portal of leningrad region

Petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry of Leningrad region brings together the main production enterprises operating in the petrochemical industry, and also organizations operating in auxiliary and supporting segments.

The petrochemical complex includes the following subsectors: production of coke and petroleum products, production of chemicals and production of rubber and plastic products.

The share of petrochemical enterprises in the structure of shipped goods of manufacturing industries is 38.5%.

Volume of shipped goods manufactured by petrochemical enterprises (billion rubles):

production of coke and petroleum products

chemical production

production of rubber and plastic products

Volume of investments in fixed assets (million rubles):

Chemical production
Production of coke and petroleum products
Production of rubber and plastic products
2022 (% in comparison with 2021)
2023 (% in comparison with 2022)

Manufacture of main products in petrochemical complex:

thousand tonnes


and varnishes

1.3billion items


bottles, flasks and similar plastic goods

billion items


plastic packaging products

% in comparison with 2022

Development prospects

Development prospects of petrochemical complex of Leningrad region depend directly on development priorities of its leading participants. The main development prospects are:

  • deepening the processing of hydrocarbon and mineral raw materials based on the latest technologies;
  • increasing the volume of produced and sold goods, including those within import substitution; 
  • increasing the volume of non-resource export of industrial products by the participants of the cluster;
  • reducing import of certain types of chemical products and raw materials;
  • introduction of industrial products of the cluster to new promising markets;
  • increasing investment activity of the participants of the cluster;
  • increasing value added created by the participants of the cluster 
  • provision of the cluster with employees to due to intra-cluster cooperation and involvement of educational institutions in the work of the cluster.

Government support

Government support at the regional level:

  • reduction of corporate income tax (from 17% to 13.5%)
  • reduction of corporate property tax (from 2.2% to 0%)
  • reduction of corporate income tax within special investment contract (SPIC) (from 17% to 5%) and reduction of corporate property tax (from 2.2% to 0%)

Government support at the federal level:

  • provision of loans with the rate from 1 to 5% per annum for 5 years amounting from 50 to 500 million rubles (Industry Development Fund)
  • partial reimbursement of expenses on research and development in priority directions of civil industry within the frameworks of implementation of comprehensive investment projects
  • partial reimbursement of expenses on implementation of comprehensive projects on creation of hi-tech production with participation of Russian higher education organizations, state scientific institutions
  • subsidy for compensation of loan interest on implementation of investment projects in chemical industry

Key organizations


A structural division of Surgutneftegas OJSC. The plant produces all types of fuel, products for the petrochemical, paint and varnish industries, for enterprises in the household chemicals sector and for the construction industry. 


Ekotekhnokhim LLC launched an import-substitution production of high-quality B-91/115 aviation gasoline for domestic aviation fuel market in Russia in December 2015 in Priozersky district of Leningrad region.

Transneft – Port Ust-Luga

The enterprise is focused on receiving oil from the main oil pipeline, storage and shipment of oil to tankers in favour of oil companies in the Russian Federation and is aimed at ensuring continuous transshipment of oil for export.


A distribution and transshipment facility is used to receive petroleum products supplied by pipeline, rail and sea transport and to load them into tankers with deadweight of up to 80,000 tons for further export. The productivity of the distribution and transshipment facility for acceptance exceeds 12 million tonnes a year by rail and 3 million tonnes a year via the product pipeline Primorsk-Vysotsk commissioned at the end of 2015.

Industrial Group Phosphorit

A part of EuroChem company. The enterprise produces phosphate fertilizers, including compound fertilizers: ammophos, sulfoammophos, enriched superphosphate, feed additives in the form of defluorinated phosphate, and also electrolyte and reactive nitric acid and ultraclean nitric acid for the needs of the electronic industry.


The enterprise is diversified by areas of activity and specializes in the development of relevant solutions for the following sectors and areas of the economy: for the oil and gas complex (anticorrosive protection of metal structures), for transport (operating fluids, solvents, automotive chemicals and  automotive care products, anticorrosive production), household chemicals, etc.


Subsidiary of the French concern Fareva. The main lines of business of the concern are pharmaceuticals production, the production of cosmetics and household chemicals. Washing powders, washing-up liquid and other detergents are produced at the enterprise in Tosno.


The only producer of sodium tripolyphosphate in Russia.

Metachem is closely linked to Pikalevskaya Soda, which supplies the soda for the production of the sodium tripolyphosphate and carbonate for the production of potassium sulfate.

The enterprise is a major exporter of sodium tripolyphosphate, potassium sulfate to the countries of Western Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. 

Pikalevskaya Soda

Integrated conversion of nepheline concentrate, with the receipt of alumina, soda ash, potassium carbonate, gallium and Portland cement.

Within the framework of the chemicals and petrochemical sector, the production of mineral fertilizers, chemical reagents, paints and lacquers represents the main area for applying potassium carbonate.

Most of the potassium carbonate (potash) being produced by the enterprise is sold for export. The list of importer countries includes: Poland, Czech Republic, India, UAE, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Spain, the USA, England, Mexico, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, etc.

Morozovsky Chemical Plant

Leading-edge producer of innovative paints and varnishes for anticorrosion protection in industry.

Polyplast North-West

One of the plants of the group POLYPLAST – one of the largest chemical holding companies in the Russian Federation – leaders of the Russian market of chemical additives.


Raw material production enterprise for the manufacturing of liquid detergents included in the NORKEM Group of Companies 


The stable gas condensate fractionation and transshipment facility in Ust-Luga port on the Baltic Sea, commissioned in 2013, makes it possible to convert the stable gas condensate into light and heavy virgin naphtha, kerosene, diesel fraction and marine fuel component (fuel oil) and ship the finished products for export by sea. The facility can also be used for the transshipment of stable gas condensate for exports.

Gazprom LNG Saint Petersburg

New business. Liquefied natural gas production plant in Leningrad region (Baltic LNG).

Plant capacity – 10 million tons of LNG per year, with possible expansion of up to 15 million tons per year. The gas will be supplied to the plant from the Unified Gas Supply System of Russia. The project is intended for LNG supplies to European markets, the markets of Latin American countries, the supply of gas to Kaliningrad region in the Russian Federation, and also to service the bunkering market and perform low-tonnage supplies in the Baltic.

Gazprom Gas Distribution Leningrad Region

Leading organization of the region transporting natural gas to consumers, ensuring the safe and trouble-free operation of gas supply systems and implementing the large-scale gasification plans of the region.

One of the first enterprises in Russia to have developed the technology for the manufacturing and construction of pipelines from polyethylene.