Investment portal of leningrad region

Tourism potential of Leningrad region

Leningrad region has high cultural and tourist potential for development of both classic forms of tourism and new directions: ecotourism, rural tourism, active tourism. 

Since 1 October 2019 citizens of 51 countries can visit Leningrad region and Saint Petersburg with free e-visa

The most visited territories of Leningrad region are Vyborgsky, Volkhovsky, Priozersky and Gatchinsky districts. The most interesting places for tourists are: Vyborg Castle, Korela Fortress, Fortress in Staraya Ladoga, Tikhvinsky Uspensky Monastery, Oreshek Fortress (Shlisselburg), palace and estate museum Gatchina, Monrepos Park, Rozhdestveno Memorial Estate, objects on the Road of Life, caves in Sablino.  

There are more than 5,500 objects of cultural heritage in Leningrad region, including:

 manour houses
 monasteries More than 
 orthodox churches

It is worth mentioning that the region has well-developed tourism infrastructure:

  • more than 780 collective accommodations, including: recreation centres, tourist camps and hotels, recreation institutions for children, sanatoriums and pensions
  • more than 1,500 public catering establishments
  • more than 180 travel companies
  • 13 information and tourist centres

The main historical and cultural centres of the region with high potential for development and tourist attraction are Vyborg and Gatchina.

Vyborg is located 122 km away from Saint Petersburg, it is one of the largest and well-preserved examples of European medieval culture in Russia. The main tourist attractions are Vyborg Castle, Alvar Aalto library, Monrepos Park. Vyborg was established in the Middle Ages by Swedes and it is the only historic settlement in Leningrad region.

Tourist infrastructure in Vyborg:

  • 28 collective accomodations
  • more than 150 public catering establishments
  • 35 travel companies
  • more than 300 objects of historical, cultural, architectural heritage
  • 3 information and tourist centres

Gatchina is the largest town in Leningrad region (population – 96 thousand people) located 47 km away from Saint Petersburg. Gatchina is an industrial, scientific, cultural and educational centre of Leningrad region. The main place of tourist interest is palace and park ensemble with its central element – the Great Gatchina Palace. 

Tourist infrastructure in Gatchina:

  • 13 collective accomodations
  • 22 public catering establishments
  • 22 travel companies
  • 45 objects of historical, cultural, architectural heritage
  • 1 information and tourist centres