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Adaptation of regions to the global energy transition


Leningrad region is actively involved in the work of the Association of Regions on Climate.

First Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activity of Leningrad Region Egor Mishcheryakov participated in the round table of the Center for Strategic Research on the topic “Adaptation of regions to the global energy transition”.

The programme included a discussion of the draft of the strategy of social and economic development of the Russian Federation with the low emission of greenhouse gas up to 2050 and exchange of experience of the regions to prepare recommendations for the development of plans for the adaptation of the regional economies to the possible changes connected with energy transition.

Egor Mishcheryakov noted that Leningrad region has already joined the work on the new agenda. The region is engaged in active dialogue with industrialists. For example, a special discussion on decarbonization was held within the Baltic Region Investment Forum BRIEF’21.

There are large exporting companies operating in Leningrad region that will be affected by the carbon law in the EU. The companies introduce the best available technologies for the reduction of carbon footprint. Among the existing measures of support, Egor noted investment tax deduction that stimulates the modernization of enterprises. Besides, new federal measures of support for climate projects are expected.

There is a demand for green energy in the region and it stimulates the development of new investment niches. Several projects are already announced in the sphere of renewable energy sources, in particular, wind power. They receive the support of the Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region. There is an opportunity to reconstruct the network of mini hydroelectric power stations.

Along with industry, energy transition affects such spheres as transport, housing and communal services. It is worth mentioning that close proximity to Saint Petersburg involves the joint work of two regions in this sphere.

The results of the discussion within the round table will be summed up as the generalized position of regions on the adaptation to the global energy transition and measures of support and sent to the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

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