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Expanding business ties with Belarus


As part of the cooperation between the Economic Development Agency of the Leningrad Region and the Mogilev Regional Development Agency, a large number of events will be held in 2023. Pay attention to the list:

March 2023 Online conference with the business community of the Mogilev and Leningrad regions.
March 14-17, 2023 International specialized and national exhibition of the construction industry: Budexpo 2023 (Minsk)
March 28-31, 2023 International specialized exhibition for the electronic and electrical industry: “Automation. Electronics (Minsk)
March 28-31, 2023 Specialized Exhibition of Water and Heat Supply: "Water and Heat 2023" (Minsk)
April 04-07, 2023 International exhibition of metallurgy "Metalworking 2023" (Minsk)
April 18-21, 2023 International specialized forum on telecommunications, information and banking technologies "TIBO 2023" (Minsk)
June 06-10, 2023 International specialized exhibition of the agricultural industry "Belagro 2023" (Minsk)
September 21, 2023 V Baltic Regional Investment Forum BRIEF’23 (St. Petersburg)
September 26-28, 2023 International specialized exhibition of the petrochemical and oil and gas industry “Chemistry. Oil and gas 2023" (Minsk)
September 26-28, 2023 International Exhibition of Technologies and Innovations in Industry: Belarusian Industrial and Innovation Forum (Minsk)
November 2023 Participation of a delegation from the Leningrad Region in the XIV International Economic Forum "Mill of Success" (Mogilev)
Online events organized by the State Institution "National Investment and Privatization Agency"
November 14-17, 2023 International specialized exhibition-fair "ProdExpo"

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