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Implementation of “Labour productivity” national project in the region


Two enterprises in Leningrad region have completed the main stage of implementation of the national project “Labour productivity”.

Primatek – a manufacturer of industrial paints and varnishes in Gatchina – together with the experts of the Federal Competence Centre worked on the introduction of lean technologies at the line for the production of powder paints at low-tonnage lines.

Before inclusion in the project there used to be a large number of changeovers and low machine load. Over six months the enterprise has managed to reduce the time of the processes at the production lines by 566 minutes, reduce unfinished production from 52 to 39 thousand kilograms. On the whole, lean production technologies allowed the enterprise to provide the additional annual output of 500 tonnes of powder paints without increasing the number of personnel.

Sinyavinskaya Poultry Farm in Kirovsky district was introducing lean production in the sections for sorting and packing eggs. Over six months the agricultural enterprise has managed not only to reduce sorting time from receiving to shipment by 17 hours but also to save 11.5 million rubles, removing unnecessary processes and standardizing work.

After completing the main phase both enterprises will continue replicating lean technology methods at other production lines.

Last summer the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during a meeting with the representatives of various economic sectors noted the efficiency of the techniques being introduced by the experts in the sphere of labour productivity improvement and entrusted to implement this experience in various spheres.

Today 27 enterprises in Leningrad region are implementing this project, some of them entered it in 2020. A participant of the national project “Labour productivity” can be an enterprise operating in one of the priority industries: manufacturing, agriculture, transport, trade, construction. Registration is available at производительность.рф.

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