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Second largest consumer market in Russia

Leningrad region in agglomeration with Saint Petersburg is the second largest consumer market in Russia and one of the largest markets in Europe. Total population of Leningrad region and Saint Petersburg is about 7.6 million people or 5% of population in Russia.

Population, million people

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Leningrad region in the agglomeration with St. Petersburg is a market with a high level of purchasing power of the population. The average salary in St. Petersburg for 2023 was 130,720 rubles, in Leningrad region - 86,828 rubles (8.3% more than in 2022).   

Leningrad region in agglomeration with Saint Petersburg is a market characterised by:

  • High consumer demand. Retail trade turnover in Leningrad region and St. Petersburg in 2023 amounted to 3,042 billion rubles, which is 21% higher than in 2022. Retail trade turnover of Leningrad region in 2023 amounted to 688 billion rubles, which is 14% higher than in 2022.
  • Efficient transport and logistics system for consumer market maintenance.
  • Diversity of consumer market – availability of a huge amount of large target audiences and consumer niches.
  • Postindustrial type of consumption – high demand for hi-tech and innovative production, information technologies, etc.
  • High demand in the service sector, entertainment, recreation and tourism.