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Leningrad region is the leader of the construction industry


The high achievements of the region in construction were appreciated by the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation for construction and housing and communal services Marat Khusnullin during the reporting board of the Ministry of Construction for 2021.

“We analyzed the growth dynamics of housing commissioning and commissioning per capita over a three-year period in each region. We have a number of regions that consistently achieve success year after year. We have consistently in terms of growth, dynamics and commissioning per capita, a dozen leaders have emerged: Sakhalin, Kaliningrad, Leningrad regions, Krasnodar Territory, Tyumen, Lipetsk regions, the Republic of Tatarstan, Adygea, Khakassia, Sverdlovsk region, ”said the Deputy Prime Minister for Construction and housing and communal services Marat Khusnullin.

“The building block has performed very well in 2021. The volume of construction work last year amounted to 227.4 billion rubles and increased by 7.7% compared to 2020. At the same time, we managed to achieve a balance in the commissioning of apartment buildings and individual housing construction. Traditionally, the Vsevolozhsky district is in the lead - 1428 thousand m2, of which 49.4% falls on individual housing construction and Lomonosov district - 585 thousand m2 - 68.1% of individual housing construction. This is the balance that we need to adhere to in the future,” said Alexander Drozdenko, Governor of the Leningrad Region.

Last year, about 3.5 million m2 of housing was commissioned in the Leningrad Region, housing commissioning per person reached 1.8 m2. Such indicators made it possible to attract federal funds for the implementation of key programs of the national project "Housing and the urban environment": "Stimulus", "Clean" water, "Comfortable urban environment", etc.

In addition, last year the number of developers working with escrow accounts increased by 65%. If at the beginning of 2021, 34 developers were building 135 apartment buildings with project financing, by the end of December, 56 companies were building 214 apartment buildings with a total area of ​​2.461 million m2. In the future, the transition to the new system will completely close the problem of deceived equity holders.

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