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A lecture was given by specialists from the Volkhov branch of Apatit JSC


The lecture by specialists from the Volkhov branch of Apatit JSC at the Leningrad Region stand caused considerable excitement. Visitors were interested in learning about charitable initiatives, social and environmental responsibility of the company, new technologies and programs that reduce the burden on the environment.

The Volkhov branch of JSC Apatit is a new million-plus plant of PhosAgro, a large producer of eco-efficient phosphorus-containing mineral fertilizers. In 2019 - 2023, a large investment project was implemented in Volkhov, the volume of investments amounted to more than 34 billion rubles. As a result, today more than 1 million tons of products are produced per year. The company uses the best available technologies in accordance with the highest requirements in the field of environmental protection.

Much work is aimed at restoring biological resources:
The Volkhov industrial complex PhosAgro annually releases juvenile fish into the waters of Lake Ladoga and plants spruce seedlings (already more than 7,800 pieces). Other environmental initiatives are also being implemented.

There were many questions, wishes and suggestions! We are glad that the lecture aroused such interest and will definitely repeat it again. See you at the Leningrad region stand!

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