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A new polymer resin factory was opened in the region


A production site of Attika Group of Companies was launched in Tosnensky district, Leningrad region.

The Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko visited the ceremony of opening the new factory.

The company produces binding components for production of various types of paints and varnishes. For example, for production of industrial, automotive primers and coatings, construction materials, in particular, road marking paints, composite materials – plastic containers, pipes, etc.

After launching production of Attika the share of domestic product will increase to 35% of the whole acrylic resin market.

The first production phase includes three lines:

  • a multipurpose test output production line  
  • an acrylic copolymers production line
  • an alkyd-polyester line

The second construction phase, which includes launch of two more lines, is planned for the end of 2021.

The total capacity of the enterprise will come to 20,000 tonnes. German technologies are used at the factory, it is 80% automated.

The volume of investments in the project is about 450 million rubles, 30 new jobs were established at the enterprise.

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