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Alexander Drozdenko: Asian “dragons” envy the growth rate of the Leningrad region


Open and hospitable for guests: Alexander Drozdenko opened the Day of the Leningrad Region in Moscow at the international exhibition and forum “Russia” at VDNKh and presented the main achievements of the region.

“Today the gross regional product of the Leningrad region is approaching 1.7 trillion rubles. This is a record in our entire history. And, in general, over the past 10 years, the region’s GRP has grown 2.5 times. “The Asian dragons are jealous of the growth rate of our economy,” Governor Alexander Drozdenko noted in his speech at the opening of the Day of the Leningrad Region at the Russia exhibition.

The head of the region said that the Leningrad region is among the TOP 5 fastest growing regions of Russia.

“Over the past 10 years, 4 trillion rubles have been invested in the region’s economy. And in the next 7 years, 6.5 trillion rubles will be invested in the region’s economy. This is the largest investment in Russia for the next 7 years in a specific region. And these are different investments. This is, for example, Volkhov Apatite, which produces environmentally friendly mineral fertilizers that are in demand all over the world. Tikhvin Carriage Works, which produces the most innovative, most modern carriages in the world.

Every third cup of tea and every second cup of coffee is coffee and tea produced in the Leningrad region. In general, 40% of all products of the North-West are produced in the Leningrad region. And today we are the number one region in egg production, in the productivity of our cows, in the production of greens and salads. We are the third region in the country for trout production and the third region in the country for flower production,” said Alexander Drozdenko.

The region has the largest universal port in the Baltic - Ust-Luga, the second in terms of cargo turnover among all Russian ports: 120 million tons. Over the past five years, more than 11 thousand new jobs have been created in the Leningrad region.

“We are not building an economy for ourselves, not for numbers, not for statistics. It is no coincidence that we adopted the slogan for the next five years from investment in the economy to investment in people,” recalled Alexander Drozdenko.

The Leningrad region is among the TOP 10 regions with the lowest poverty level – 7%. Funding allocated by the region for social protection has more than doubled over 5 years. In the Leningrad region, there are 63 regional measures to support SVO participants and members of their families, including 17 direct payments, 44 for family members.

“According to the presidential national project, 1,000 public and courtyard areas have been landscaped in the Leningrad region over 6 years,” recalled Alexander Drozdenko. “Over 10 years in the Leningrad region, thanks to the support of the president and various federal and regional programs, 500 social facilities have been built and put into operation.”

The tourist flow to the Leningrad region has doubled over 5 years and reached 6 million people.

“I am often asked, what is the Leningrad region like? I tell everyone, it’s better to come and see once than to hear a hundred times,” said the head of the region, having launched a busy business, educational and cultural program for the Day of the Leningrad Region at the “Russia” exhibition.

Creative groups from the region and students of the Leningrad Regional College of Culture and Art prepared bright concert performances for the guests of the exhibition. A highlight of this day will be a theatrical performance about the history of the region “The Tale of the Land of Leningrad” based on the folk holiday “Solstice”, which will be shown on the main stage of VDNKh.

Today, at the stand of the Leningrad region, visitors can communicate with famous athletes native to the region, take part in master classes from local craftsmen in arts and crafts, listen to lectures and take part in a drawing for a trip to the “Silver Necklace of Russia”.
The business block of the Leningrad Region Day program includes discussions on the development of tourism and science. It is also planned to sign agreements and open a regional coordination center.

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