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Autonomous life is being created for the builders of Ust-Luga


At the construction of the Complex for the processing of ethane-containing gas in Ust-Luga, workers are being settled in a shift camp. It provides all the infrastructure necessary for the builders to live.

The first building in the rotational residential complex is almost occupied. There is a dining room with three meals a day, first-aid posts with round-the-clock stay of doctors and paramedics, a hostel with shower rooms, laundries. Dishes in the dining room are prepared from products from manufacturers from St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. The supply of raw materials and semi-finished products is gradually increasing in proportion to the growth in the number of builders and, accordingly, food outlets on the site.

“Even at the design stage, investors took into account the whole range of issues of accommodation for workers and builders, whose number will be several tens of thousands of people. Such an approach is extremely important in order not to create a burden on the infrastructure of nearby towns and cities, avoid social tension and at the same time provide the necessary autonomous life for workers,” commented Dmitry Yalov, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Leningrad Region, Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development and Investment Activities.

Konstantin Makhov, General Director of RusGazDobycha, emphasized that this is practically a small city that will have its own infrastructure and everything necessary for a comfortable life and recreation for builders.

Comprehensive infrastructure is being introduced in conjunction with the construction schedule. The facilities are being launched in stages: six temporary camps will be ready by the time construction reaches its peak.

Currently, more than four thousand people and almost one thousand pieces of equipment have been involved in the construction of the KPEG project facilities. Engineering preparation of the territory continues at the site, piles are being driven, foundations are being formed. In parallel, access roads are being built and on-site routes for the delivery of equipment are being laid, as well as places for settling heavy vehicles. Five parking lots are already functioning, five more will open this year.


The project of the ethane-containing gas processing complex (EPEG) in Ust-Luga is being implemented by JSC RusGazDobycha and PJSC Gazprom and with the support of the state corporation VEB.RF. For the first time, all the main technological processes of deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials are combined at one site - from primary gas processing with the release of valuable components to the production of LNG and the production of polymers.

KPEG will include the largest gas processing plant in Russia, the largest LNG production facility in the European region, and the world's largest unit capacity for the production of polyethylene. All production facilities are technologically interconnected, which minimizes the cost of construction, operation and supply of raw materials.

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