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Big Data for development of Leningrad region


How to manage the region using Big Data?

This issue was discussed during a strategic session of the economic sector of the Government of Leningrad region.

“In the nearest years Big Data will become a basis for making management decisions. Our aim is to find specific cases in social and economic development of the region, which can be solved with assistance of Big Data,” noted Deputy Chairman of the Government of Leningrad Region Dmitry Yalov.

The participants of the strategic session defined and worked on four groups of suggestions for usage of big data for social and economic development of Leningrad region:

  • Portrait of a resident of Leningrad region: identification of characteristics of the population, preferences, employment.
  • Transport: necessary routes, traffic congestion, passenger traffic, accident risk, demand for service stations.
  • Potential of the territory: availability of social and commercial facilities, interests of business.
  • Comfortable settlements: development of communal infrastructure, availability of urban facilities, popularity of parks, tourist flow, level of improvement of urban areas.
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