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The Government of Leningrad region and PhosAgro Group signed an agreement on socio-economic partnership up to 2022.

The agreement is valid until the end of 2021 and can be prolonged upon agreement of the parties. It is aimed at strengthening efficient partnership, established between PhosAgro and the Government of Leningrad region in implementation of investment, social and charity programs in the region, projects in the spheres of environment, labour protection and industrial safety.

In 2019 PhosAgro started implementation of a large investment project on construction of a new modern complex for production of phosphorus fertilizers and a power supply plant in Volkhov. The estimated volume of investments is 28 billion rubles. Key production facilities are planned to be launched the next year.

CEO of PhosAgro Andrey Guryev noted that Leningrad region has favourable conditions for business development, and to a great extent this became the reason for selection of this place for construction of the new production facility.  

The volume of financing aimed at environmental activities carried out by the company is constantly increasing. According to the agreement, more than 800 million rubles will be spent on this direction in 2020, and more than 163 million rubles – on programs for improvement of industrial safety and labour protection.

Additionally, 130 million rubles will be directed at financing of social and charity programs in the town, the district and Leningrad region by the end of the year.

The average monthly salary of the employees at the production plant in Volkhov will exceed the average salary in Leningrad region in 2020 and will amount to not less than 65,780 rubles.

The investment project receives support of Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region.

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