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Concessional financing of projects


More than once we wrote about the fast implementation of investment projects. They often have one thing in common – these projects managed to accumulate all possible support mechanisms with the assistance of the Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region. For example, received concession financing.

The Industrial Development Fund provides concession loans for the implementation of projects aimed at the introduction of advanced technologies, the creation of new products or the organization of import-substituting production. Since 2019 the Entrepreneurship and Industry Support Fund of Leningrad Region provides financing under the joint programmes with the Industrial Development Fund in a ratio of 70% (federal funds) to 30% (regional funds).

Loan amount – from 20 to 100 million rubles for up to 5 years.

What programmes can be used?

Component products

For projects aimed at the modernization or organization of the production of the components increasing the level of localization of final Russian products.

Interest rate – 1% over the first three years, 3% for the remaining period.

Development projects

For projects aimed at import substitution, the manufacture of hi-tech civil products and introduction of the best available technologies.

Interest rate – from 1% per annum over the first three years with a bank guarantee, 3% with other types of collateral.

Improvement of labour productivity

For projects aimed at the improvement of labour productivity at industrial enterprises located in the regions participating in the national project “Labour productivity”. Interest rate – 1% per annum.

Wood industry projects

For projects aimed at the modernization of production capacity for wood processing by means of the acquisition of technological equipment. Interest rate – from 1% per annum with a bank guarantee or the guarantee of SME Corporation, 3% with other types of collateral.

For more detailed information about the current programmes you can contact the experts of the Agency or Entrepreneurship Support Fund of Leningrad Region.

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