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Cooperation with German business

Сотрудничество с немецким бизнесом

Members of the German-Russian Economic Union which unites several thousands of medium-sized companies are interested in development of business in Russia.

Today about 15,000 German companies work at the Russian market. Despite current economic conditions which have deteriorated due to the sanctions, German companies consider possible ways of investing in the Russian economy. But those who had specific plans have already implemented them and now partners are waiting for interesting suggestions and searching for the most favourable investment conditions.

These and other issues were discussed during the meeting in Economic Development Agency of Leningrad Region. The participants of the event included Managing Director of the German-Russian Economic Union Hanno Stoecker, deputy Chairman of the Committee on Localization and Industrial Production of Russian-German Chamber of Commerce Dmitry Polyakov, Director of the Agency Andrey Sergeev and Deputy Director of the Agency Anastasia Mikhalchenko.

The participants of the meeting decided to organize several joint meetings in order to unite Russian and German business.

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