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Cucumbers and tomatoes “has chosen” Volosovsky district


A business plan for creation of a greenhouse complex in Volosovsky district received the status of a large-scale investment project by a decree of the Governor of Leningrad region.

According to a regional law, this status provides the investor with the right to rent a land plot without bidding procedures.

A land plot in Kalitinsky rural settlement of Volosovsky district with total area of 23.3 ha was chosen for placement of the new project.

Agrotechnologies LLC as an investor of the project plans to construct the greenhouse complex with total area of 11 ha, capacity of 6,700 tonnes of vegetables per year, including not less than 3,300 tomatoes, 3,200 cucumbers, salad greens and lettuce – not less than 200 tonnes per year.

The project includes creation of more than 270 new jobs.

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