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Delicacies from Leningrad region


A new shrimp processing plant was presented at the agricultural exhibition Golden Autumn where Leningrad region won a grand prix. The enterprise which is being constructed in the settlement of Telmana in Tosnensky district will be producing about 200 tonnes of delicacy seafood annually. Currently Severnaya Krevetka factory is setting up technologies and equipment, the factory is planned to be opened in February 2020.

Total area of the enterprise is 4,500 m2, total cost of the project – about 350 million rubles. Implementation of the project will allow creating 35 new highly qualified jobs.

Severnaya Krevetka is implementing the first phase of the project on shrimp breeding using closed water supply installation since 2018. The project receives support of the Front Office for Investor Relations of Leningrad Region.

The farm is planning to cultivate whiteleg vannamei shrimp, giant river prawn rosenbergii, sea asparagus.

It will be the only seafood delicacy production plant in Northwest Russia. The factory will compete with foreign manufacturers – shrimps from Leningrad region will be delivered fresh, chilled and it will be cultivated under the strict supervision of veterinary services.

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