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Deliveries for housing and utility sector of Leningrad region


Front Office for Investor Relations of Leningrad Region and German-Russian Chamber of Commerce organized a seminar for supplying companies in housing and utility sector. Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Housing and Utilities of Leningrad Region Valeriy Khabarov noted that the region implements a large number of programmes in housing and utility sector which require technical solutions. The attention was mainly paid to water supply and waste water disposal.

Technical Director of Lenoblvodokanal Sergey Abramchik said that significant funds are planned to be spent on improvement of network condition. For example, 10 facilities participate in an application campaign “Clear water”, among priority projects are reconstruction of 29 water disposal facilities, construction of 4 new water supply facilities. The total estimated cost of works will exceed 15 billion rubles.

The total volume of procurements of Lenoblvodokanal include: 40% of various pumps, 15% –  polypropylene and polyethylene pipes and fittings, the rest is a wide range of materials, including reinforced concrete products, rolled metal products, bearings, products necessary for general construction works.

The joint event for timely informing and inclusion of business in development programmes of housing and utility sector was organized as the result of the Dialogue of AHK companies with the Governor of Leningrad region.

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